July 9th, 2014 – 11 weeks to go

Did I mention?  Sister Jessica will be showing her beautiful smile at the Salt Lake Airport on September 24th – we don’t know any times as of yet, but will be excited to hear.  She wrote  a wonderful card to her Dad last week – it made me smile when I read it – I know we shouldn’t read other people’s mail, but I think missionary daughters should be the exception:

Dear Dad,

I hear you have become quite the soccer fan, I can’t wait to re-watch those games with you!  We have been busy in Burlington lately!  We’ve been staining a lot of porches.  I think we’ve done one a week.  I’ve enjoyed it though.

We have also been taking the bus a lot more.  I like it.  We took it down to Shelburne last week to see a less active member.  We decided to spend the next two hours tracting or just finding new investigators.  Well,  we didn’t have much luck, but someone game me a popsicle (it was sealed and came from the box, I promise it was safe).

We decided, since it’s Vermont, there are probably more people on trails then on the sidewalks.  Nope, we were wrong.  We start walking and about an hour later we’re getting restless because we seem to be stuck on this never ending trail!  We didn’t now where we were, but then we found Shelburne Bay.  After about another mile, we finally found the main road again.  Luckily we go there right as the bus was pulling up.  It was Crazy!  We met this sweet Asian lady who said we could stop by when we’re in the area.  It was a fun adventure.

My birthday was so great.  I had such a good day.  I don’t know why but I actually do feel different.  That’s never happened on a birthday before.  I just feel like I’m actually becoming who I want to be.  In December, President Stoker told me to set a goal for what I want to do for the rest of my mission.  I decided I want to be happy and confident, like truly happy and confident.  On my birthday, for some reason, I could feel that I was happy and I am confident.  Even though I have 2  1/2 months left, I don’t have to be scared or nervous about going home.  It was like all those mini fears went away.  I just feel more me and I’m starting to begin to see myself the way Heavenly Father sees me.  (and isn’t that what a mother who believes we can have all the blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for us if we are willing to see it His way, wants to hear?  I know it is hard to make these choices – sometimes we allow ourselves to be  more influenced by the people we want to impress than the teachings of our Heavenly Father and Jesus – but what great joy when you realize that your children ‘Get It’  )

I love you Jessica, I am so proud of you!  (Mother’s are allowed some ‘parent pride’ moments)   Happy Day!!!!!!


Its the 4th of July, almost

Dear Jessica, as you read this you will see a bit of a gap in the postings, again.  I am so sorry, I lost the log in information, and then, wonder of wonders, I remembered!  So, lets get caught up.  Today is actually the 3rd of July, you come home in 12 weeks.  Wow, sometimes you seem so far away and then, like magic, you are coming home – it really has gone quickly.  I love reading your letters – you sound so happy. 

Jessica was transferred to Bath, Maine and was getting all settled when she got a surprise phone call, pack your bags, you are headed for South Burlington, Vt.  and now I quote:

I think I’m finally settled in So Burlington.  One of the less active members we met with is from Sacramento (Calif)  She was sealed in the Oakland temple.  I think it was around the same time you did.  (we were sealed in 1979)  She is really sweet, her name is Sister Pratt.  She is new a little nervous to come to church because she is new to the ward, but we’ll help her with that. 

So there is a member who introduces himself as Porter Rockwell to everyone.  He even has long hair.  He is really funny.  His name is Brother Carpenter.  I think you would like him Dad.  On his first trip to the temple they had to go to D.C.  During one of the days he was browsing a bookstore and found a book on Porter Rockwell.  I told him about Porter’s Place in Lehi and he said, “I know I’ve been there.  Its named after me you know.”  He hasn’t really been there.   (We sent him a copy of the biography of Porter Rockwell – he loved it) 

The next letter spoke of Jessica’s excitement when she found 3 new investigators,

“Last time I found 3 new investigators in a week was last summer!  2 of our new investigators are Judie and Kramer.  We stained their porch last week.  Their son is a member in the Essex, Vt ward.  On Friday we helped him stain a porch.  We’ve been staining a lot of porches lately.  Our other new investigator is Aaron.  We had a lesson with Debbie this week.  Debbie is an investigator the Elders taught but she wanted sisters so we met her last Wednesday.  When we went to see her again on Sunday she invited Aaron over!  He lovedthe restoration and is so excited to read the Book of Mormon.  We’re going over on Tuesday to read with them. 

Last Thursday at district meeting I played the piano like at every other District meeting but this time I played with both hands.  I haven’t done that since we left Alpine.  I played ‘We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet’ and ‘I Believe in Christ’  They were in the simplified hymn book of course, so it wasn’t that impressive (her mother thinks it is)  I’m just happy I was brave enough to do that when people were singing.  In Bath, I relearned how to play with my left hand but last week I actually did it.”

In this week’s letter, Jessica spoke of her birthday.  She was so excited and happy to receive so many cards and emails and packages.  She even got an ecard from Judie. 

“This week we had an amazing lesson with our investigator Hazel.  A member, Sister Wallace came with us.  We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Hazel is so close!  She just needs to come to church.  She knows the Book of Mormon is true.  She agrees and is willing to follow all the commandments we’ve taught her from lesson 4.  She just needs to come to church.  I think she’ll come to church by next week. 

Its finally summer here The humidity is beginning to set in.  The crazy part is it will only be super hot for July, then August is perfect weather and it begins to cool off by September.  It is so strange.  There’s as Elder in my district who’s going home the same time as me.   We always joke that it could still be in the 60’s or 70’s for us by the end of September.  New England is so much chillier than Utah & California.  It sure is beautiful.  I love looking at the trees and seeing the cardinals and blue jays.  It is so pretty! 

This is from June 9th:

This week was good. Crazy but good. We met with Rae Palmer this week. She’s a less active member in our ward. She used to live in Lehi when she was in 9th grade. Her family moved to San Francisco after that. It was during the war, I think she said it was in 1941. I told her she would not even recognize Lehi anymore. 
It’s really starting to warm up. It’s so nice! We have to figure out the bus system this week. Our car is getting fixed (before I got here someone hit the Sister’s car) so we get to walk around and ride the buses. It will be an adventure, but it will be an adventure that’s good for us. 
This weekend we’re going on exchanges with the Montpeiler sisters. We’re going to meet them in Waterbury so I might get to go to the Ben and Jerry’s factory for a snack :). I’m excited. 
So, on June 16th, I emailed Jess about Emily’s wedding:  I told her Her dad was the first in the line, honestly, I did not recognize him at first – and as I am thinking I don’t know anyone but the couple and yes, even at 62, you still have that moment of what would I say?  He looked at me, asks, are you Jessica’s mother?  and says, may I give you a hug?  I love that girl!  Then he turned to his wife and proudly said, This is Jessica’s Mom!  Then  Emily turned from the people she was talking to and the three of them spent the next very cherished moments talking about how amazing you are and how much they love you and how, even in your absence, your are part of their lives and part of their day.  Emily did, in fact, wait until that morning to read your email – it meant so much to her.  and as I said, she will be by your side when your special day arrives.  You are so loved by these people, Jessica.  Emily did promise me that she will have lots of pictures for you.  I told her you love your mission and that you are so grateful for the opportunity but that the 2 hardest days for you were the wedding days of your best friends.  Then Jessica wrote back:
“Wow, I didn’t know I meant that much to them. Thank you for telling me that. This may sound funny, but I’m starting to realize that I mean a lot more to people then I think. The last few days people have told me things similar to things like this and I had no idea I meant that much to people or that people saw me that way. I just always feel I’m as crazy and spastic as my curly hair is. It has just been very humbling to hear people saw these things. Thank you so much for going to Emily’s wedding. It does mean a lot to me that you went.

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I know this is all a little random – but I love my missionary – and she loves her mission.  Thanks – have a great day!!

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March 25th-2 month’s really?

Dear Jessica, when you come back to read these – I am so sorry, how does time go so quickly?  Jessica has been out on her mission for an entire year – I can hardly believe it.  I am so proud of my beautiful daughter.  So lets get you all caught up to date – here are some recent emails.

January 27th (this might be a repeat – sorry)

I am really feeling so much better. I am excited for this week up ahead. This last week I just took it easy and didn’t do much. I was happy I’ve been able to take that time, because now I’m excited to get back to work. I won’t push myself or anything, but I am excited to get back to the swing of things. After this transfer I’ve been in Laconia about 5 months, so there’s a chance I could leave. I want to work as hard as I can these next three weeks. This ward has taken such good care of me I feel like I need to do everything I am able to share the gospel and help the members in the ward. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people! I can’t wait until I can bring you out to meet them. The ward has made sure I’m doing okay and they’re always asking how they can help. They’re so wonderful!

The weather is cold, but that’s not new. This morning the horses got out. Blaze and the two Belgiums Ben and Ruby, were walking around the house this morning. It was really funny. Blaze likes to adventure so that happens more then you would expect. Laura May’s Christmas present was to get a horse so she’s been looking at horses this week. I just want to be able to ride the horses one day haha. We talk with them all the time, but we can’t ride them as missionaries. It stinks. They do sleigh rides in the winter too. It’s really fun.


Feb 3rd  Day after Ground Hog Day

Ground hog day doesn’t apply in New England. We actually have a huge storm coming this week. Not too excited. I’m back to teaching. It has been much better.  (I said, yes it does, Ground Hog Day applies everywhere)  She said,

Mom…the spring does not exists in New England. I’ve done this part haha. It goes from winter to mud season to summer. it doesn’t get warm until May. I wore my puffy coat until May last year.
I had my follow up appointment today. The surgeon said it was definitely gall bladder disease and there was scarring. I was a little relieved to hear that.
Feb 10th
We are getting a lot of snow. I can’t wait for winter to end! It’s just cold and snowy right now. May better come quickly!
There’s a facebook page for the mission. I can’t remember the link for it, but if you type nhmm or New Hampshire Manchester Mission you should find it. It has a picture of President and Sister Stoker on it.
We also found out that we can go to the temple every six months! You can only go if you’re within two hours of the Boston Temple. We’re only an hour and a half so wer’re trying to figure out when we can go in the next two weeks, just in case one of us gets transferred super far away.
Feb 18th
We had to reschedule zone conference because it got cancelled from one of those crazy storms. Zone Conference was so good though! We went down to the Joseph Smith Birth Place. It’s so pretty there! Even covered in snow you can feel the spirit so strongly. It’s amazing!

This week has been really fun! Our car got grounded two days (which means we can’t drive it because of the snow). We got to shovel people out. It was fun. We shoveled for Judy and then played with her dogs in the snow. We don’t do much work on days we’re grounded but we get to do a lot of service. So days we’re grounded are kind of fun.
Thanks for your valentine. It was cute!
My new companion is Sister Lundahl. We’ve actually been together for 5 weeks. How crazy is that? She’s great. She’s from American Fork. She actually played soccer so I think we played each other in high school. Small world.
This week we had a cool lesson with one of our less active lady’s Gina. We’ve been trying to help her get back to church. We see her every Wednesday. So, Wednesday morning she thought, “maybe I just need to go to church one Sunday and take the sacrament again.” Then without knowing that we planned to teach her more about the sacrament and go over the significance of it. How cool is that!? Total gift of the Spirit! It was a great lesson. She didn’t come to church, but there’s always next week!
I love you Dad! Have fun reading with Mom!
This week was good. Tuesday we had a great lesson with Ally. She’s a 12 yr old who comes to church with her family but isn’t baptized. She’s so smart. We thought she wouldn’t remember what we taught her, but she remembered all of it. It was really cool. She’s doing the Music Man for the school play right now. She’s really excited.
Wednesdays are always our really exciting days. We met with Beverly, Mary, and the Marcoux children. They’re all investigators. We also saw Gina and Chantalle, who are less active members.
Beverly is the sweetest old lady. We read Moroni 10 with her. She said she agrees with everything and it’s like she’s heard it before. I think as soon as she comes to church she will love the ward and really want to be there. She’s so cute. She rode an elephant once. It put my feeding a giraffe to shame.
Mary is another sweet old lady that Brother Swain plows for. She lives right on one of the lakes so it’s a little more chilly by her house. She’s a sweet Italian women. She was brought up catholic. She loves talking about the scriptures and how they really help us have better lives. She was very concerned about how I was healing. She’s a retired nurse so she wanted to make sure I was doing okay.
The Marcoux children are doing good. We played “don’t eat pete” and they thought it was the funnest thing in the world! It was so funny.
Gina’s lesson was really cool. You’ll have to ask Dad about that one 🙂
Chantalle is the Marcoux children’s mom. She’s trying to get to the temple. She’ll get there.
Chelsea our investigator who is getting baptized got sick this week so we have to push her baptism back a few weeks. She’s doing great though.
Everything is going well. Cold, but good. We’re getting another storm right now, so we won’t have a car after we get home, but that’s okay, I don’t mind.
Feb 25th
We got to go to the temple today so our pday was changed to today this week…again. Next week it will be more normal. I didn’t get transferred so I’ll be here for 6 months. Thank you for putting the money in my account. I don’t know if I’ll be down by the lindt chocolate factory soon, but I’ll send you something fun.

I’m sad to hear about Sister Peck.

March 3
This week was weird. A lot of people cancelled on us at the last second or didn’t show up. That’s not an unusual thing to happen, but we only taught two lessons this week. We’re not used to everyone we work with canceling on us. That’s okay, it’s a new week.
March 10th
We do have a lot of snow. Sometimes I can’t see if a car is coming because the snow bank in so high. Fun issues with New England

Alright. This week it warmed up some. We milked some cows at the Swains farm and played with the baby cows. We also got to tap some trees with Brother Swain. Maple Syrup is hopefully coming soon.
Thank you for the Samoa cookies. They were really yummy. I never got Dad’s letter. Maybe I will today.
I hit my one year mark. It’s kind of weirding me out but whatever. I’m mainly just nervous of dealing with real life again.
March 17th
Our week was good. Cold, but good. We tried contacting some less active members and went tracting in Belmont. We have district meeting every week on Thursday, but this Thursday we got grounded because of the snow so we had to move it to Friday. This week we don’t have district meeting, but that’s because we have interviews with President Stoker. We only get to do that about every three months. Those are always fun.
We met with Judi twice this week. We helped her clean and did a mini lesson. Mainly just answered some questions and talked about the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. She really enjoyed reading that. When we saw her again we talked about Family History work and the temple. She gets to do baptisms for the dead for the first time in May. She’s really excited.
We also met with the Vantassels. They’re a part member family in Sanbornton. They’re really sweet. They have these two huge Great Danes. The dogs were so friendly. We’re going to see them again on Thursday.
We also met with Chelsea and are trying to set a new baptismal date and schedule a baptismal interview with her. She started working at Walmart so it’s been hard to make an appointment with her. The poor girl is super busy!
We had dinner with the Ortons on Tuesday. Brother Orton was telling us funny stories about his mission. He kept asking us about different things about USU. Kayla their daughter is going there in the fall. Kayla and Brother Orton always ask us about USU. I’m really excited she’s going there. It will be fun to see her there.
Yesterday at church Brother Albert gave us a bag filled with Easter candy. Normally he’ll give it to the Elders, but loved Sister Lundahl’s talk so much he wanted us to have it. He’s such a funny old man.
So yeah, those are some things that happened this week.
March 24th
This last week seems like for ever ago. We taught Alison last Monday. She’s 12 and her Mom and step-Dad are members. We read the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses with her. She’s going to be in the Music Man this week. President Stoker gave us permission to go see it, so Thursday we’re going to the play! We’re really excited!
Tuesday we were up in Plymouth all day. We had interviews with President Stoker. We were very last and interviews always go long so we got home in time to eat dinner and go to bed. It was good, but tiring day.
Wednesday we went to Belmont. We tracted for an hour and a half then met with Gina. She’s a less active lady we work with. We read part of Moroni 7 with her. I really like that chapter. We’re trying to get her to come back to church, but she’s really involved in another church. We just want her to come back to church!
We had dinner with the Presbys on Wednesday. They’re really fun. They’re in the ward. They have 3 boys and 1 girl. Their daughter is 11 and she was so excited the Sisters were coming to dinner instead of the Elders. Their youngest Ethan was in love with Sister Lundahl. I think he’s 6. He told Sister Lundahl that she would be his girlfriend when he grows up. We had to explain that missionaries can’t date.
We didn’t do much on Thursday
Friday we went visiting teaching with Judi for the first time. She loved it! You could tell she was a bit nervous, but once we started teaching she relaxed more and more. She’s so much fun to be with.
Saturday we made maple syrup with Brother Swain and Tyler. That was really fun and sticky. We got to fill up the bottles when it was finished. We also had dinner with the Flanders. Sister Flanders is from Colombia. She had her “Colombian group” there. There were 4 couples (including the Flanders) where one of the spouses were from Colombia and one from New Hampshire. It was so much fun! We love Sister Flanders. She’s so funny.
Sunday we had dinner with the Millis family. That’s Sister Swain’s aunt. They have 4 kids who are grown up. The youngest is my age, but they have 6 that are adopted. They go from 15 to 3. They’re a lot of fun. The 3 year olds are twin girls. They are so funny. They had to help Sister Millis read the scriptures out loud.
Ok, friends and family there you have it – 3 months of catch up – I love you all – I love my girl, my wonderful missionary daughter.

January 26, 2014

I got 2 wonderful letters from Jessica – short, but perfect:

First letter:  Sorry, pathetic mom can’t find first letter, awesome dad likes to put them away and not tell mom where they are but Jessica said she is almost half way through winter and she has only fallen once, even though it is pretty icy and that she is trying to make friends with the big belgium horse, she thinks it is working.  Also that she is crocheting scarves, cross stitching and something else, she has been so sick waiting for her surgery from which she is now recovering.  She said she feels like a little old lady with her little needlecraft projects.  (just like her mother?)  she didn’t say that part.

Second awesome letter:  she is now recovering  from surgery on her gall bladder.

Dear Mom:

I’m doing good.   Sitting is hard, but I’ll do fine in a few days.  Pres Stoker called me a day after surgery and well I guess I was a bit loopy.  This weekend we played a lot of games with David Swain.  He’s 5.  It was great.  We were on Sam’s huge bed playing Dominos, Sorry, Memory, and another game I could barely move to play, but it worked.

The other day I realized I experienced what the Lord describes in Mosiah 24.  That if I put my trust in Him I won’t even feel the burden of my trial.  I didn’t feel nearly as much pain as I should have.  In fact I was starting to worry there was nothing wrong.  I’m doing much better.  It was cool to see that promise work.

It was kind of funny getting a new companion the week of surgery.  We only had one normal day to work together.  Sister Lundahl and I worked Tuesday night after getting back from Manchester.  We taught all our less active members and investigators on Wednesday and had surgery Thursday.  I am doing well, getting stronger each day – I love you all…

January – Its a New Year

Happy New Year!

So, we got a little behind again.  Here is Jessica’s email from two weeks ago:

We got a crazy storm! It was so stinking cold! This morning we woke up to everything frozen! We get freezing rain so this morning all the bushes trees, cars, the snow everything had a layer of ice on it. It’s so cool looking! A little hard to walk in but cool looking.
I’m glad you had fun with Sawyer and Tennyson. I miss those boys.
So this Sunday I was brave and bore my testimony in church. I figured I should probably get over that fear. It was scary but I did it.
I’m happy to have surgery next week. I never thought I would say that, but it’s true. I can’t wait to be able to plan my next day and know that I’ll be able to do things without worrying if I’ll feel okay. The ward is so concerned as well. They are all asking how I’m feeling and if I need anything. Luckily Sister Bowns is so wonderful through all of this too. I just can’t wait for you to meet all of the wonderful people out here. We’ll have to come back in the summer so you don’t freeze to death. I’m almost there haha.
And then this was last week:
Sister Bowns is getting transfered so it will be kind of funny with my new companion. I’ll meet her Tuesday (tomorrow) then have surgery on Thursday. Samantha  said we’ll have to bond really fast haha. I’m not too worried about it though. If Sister Bowns needs to be transfered I know Heavenly Father will give me someone who I won’t have to worry about.

This week we invite four little kids to be baptized! We have been meeting with them for awhile. Becky is 14, Troy is 12, Patrick and Lucas are 10. They’re set to get baptized on Feb. 22! Isn’t that exciting!
This last week I got to go to Penacock, NH. It’s right outside of Concord. I was down there for exchanges. All of the sidewalks were frozen over! It was crazy! We were walking up hill on ice! I didn’t slip, but we were laughing the whole way. I was tired after that.
We had dinner Friday night with our recent convert Judy. She has 5 dogs. Elky, Sugar Baby, Fancy, Precious, and Lolly. She rescues dogs. We call Fancy Fan Fan. When I sat down on Judy’s couch on Saturday Fan Fan and Lolly just layed on me. They’re like the size of Cougar. They were a very warm blanket. I love Judy’s dogs.
It’s been pretty warm here the last few days, but it’s supposed to get cold again this week. Sam told us we just have to make it to Feb. 2. That’s the half way point. I think I can do that. There have been some cold days, but nothing has been too ridiculous.
                              *Jessica had surgery Thursday to get her gall bladder out – everything went wonderfully – the surgeon said it was what needed  to be done.  Samantha, her friend and neighbor and the Swains have been absolutely wonderful taking care of Jessica as she has recovered.  Friday, I called Sister Swain to find out where to order flowers, she gave me a couple of numbers, I called one of them, turned out, the very kind woman I spoke to had met 2 sister missionaries last week and one of them was Jessica.  She knew exactly who the flowers and balloons were going to.

Here is today’s email from Jessica:

Hey Mom!

I am feeling good! My belly button hurts, but I’m good. I get tired pretty easy, but it’s all good. Who was the lady at the flower shop? I don’t know who she is. Thank you for the flowers. They are so pretty. I love them!

Sam was very helpful. She has been letting me take naps in her bed (she has a 4inch memory foam pad) and on Friday Sister Swain would put Joseph down then go check on me downstairs then check on the baby again. We joked that she had two kids. What you told Sam was perfect for food. The pudding was nice and yesterday I could actually eat the spaghetti’os mainly because I was so desperate to eat something besides saltine crackers. Sprite and Saltine crackers is about all I’ve eaten. My clothes fit very different after eating that for a few days.

Yesterday I tried to stay for all of church and Brother Orton our Ward Mission Leader wouldn’t let me. He made sure I was going home after sacrament meeting. I’m glad we did. I was so uncomfortable after that. President Stoker was surprised I made it through ward council and sacrament meeting.
Brother Swain and Brother Morrison gave me a blessing it was really cool. The blessing told me how Heavenly Father still performs miracles. He even talked about raising Lazarus in my blessing which was cool because I have been studying the miracles Christ performed recently. It was really humbling. I’ve had some really powerful blessing while I’ve been out.

I have to go though. I won’t be on the computer though. It hurts to sit normally so I’m letting Sister Lundahl use the rest of the time to email her family. Will you let everyone know I’m doing okay? I feel bad I don’t have more time today. I love you!


That’s it for now, except that this has truly been a week of miracles.  I love this gospel, I KNOW it is true.  I am so grateful to have a daughter who is taking advantage of the opportunity she has been given to learn and share and grow in the gospel. I am grateful for the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and I leave this in His Holy Name, Amen.

December 2013

November 25, 2013

I think the pancake house is fresh out of turkey pancakes haha.

For thanksgiving I think we’re having it at the Swains. The whole family is in Florida at Disney World, but they’ll be back tomorrow. If we don’t go there we’ll go to the church.

So guess what, I actually sang in the ward choir at stake conference. It was terrifying! Singing is not my cup of tea, but Sister Bowns likes it so it worked. We got to go to the adult session of conference. Normally we don’t. In the Concord stake there are 39 missionaries. This mission went from about a 100 missionaries to 220ish missionaries. Isn’t that crazy!!! It’s fun. A lot of missionaries go to Utah State. Hopefully that means I might actually know people when I get back haha.

I have to admit, I love telling your and mom’s conversion story. Everyone is really impressed when I tell them about you. It’s so fun how excited people get when they hear your story! So far everyone loves you and wants to meet you and mom. You’re kind of a legend all the way out here in New Hampshire haha.

I love you Dad!

I’ll have to read Mom’s new favorite scripture. We’ve been watching the Joseph Smith movie lately and I just want to spend all day reading the Doctrine and Covenants now.


December 2, 2013

So the usual winter cold has attacked me this week, but I’m surviving. Sleeping A LOT!

I didn’t get transferred, but I am now a Sister Training Leader. We get a call the last Saturday night of the transfer. Depending on where you are at depends on who calls you. I think Pres. Stoker calls the New Hampshire areas because we got a call from him Saturday and I got one from him in Littleton too. When he calls it usually means three things, you’re getting transferred, you’re now in a leadership position or you’re getting transferred  and in a leadership position. So Saturday night he called us to call me as a sister training leader. In our mission we are divided up into Zones and then we’re broken up into districts.  I go to meetings with Zone leaders and President Stoker once a month (mission leadership council), and I’m over the sisters in my zone. So if nothing changes area wise I’m only over two other sisters and Sister Bowns. I get to call them every Saturday night and see how their doing emotionally, spiritually, physically because we can’t really talk to the Elders about that stuff. I also organize exchanges for us. We only go on two so I pretty much pick the week we do those and then call the zone leaders and the district leaders about how they went. This is still a fairly new calling so it’s still kind of iffy on what I do. They only started having sister training leaders when the wave of Sisters came out. So yeah that’s what I’m doing now.

Thanksgiving was so fun! It was like being in an old fashion thanksgiving. It was great! I can’t wait to see what New England Christmas’ are like.


November 18th

Things here are cold. No snow yet, but cold. Last night I met Bob at Lake Winnipesaukee. You and mom should watch What About Bob. It’s filled on the lake that’s in my area. The Bob I met was just a member in the ward. He’s really funny. Brother and Sister Rudy are so sweet. Their daughter Sister Green and her 4 cute little boys live with them. They had us over for dinner last night. They read a little bit of where they’re at in the Book of Mormon. They read 3 Nephi 3. When Brother Rudy asked the boys what “fortification” meant they said, “a fort for vacation”. It was great.
So I’ve come to realize I really like Isaiah. Two weeks ago we got to teach the early morning seminary class about the Isaiah chapters and it was so fun! Ever since then I’ve really enjoyed reading little bits from Isaiah. I think my favorite scripture is from there. Isaiah 1:18. That one has really stuck out to me a lot lately. I just love how reading Isaiah is like solving a puzzle. I got really excited when I realized that Abinadi quotes him. Alright I think I’ve officially hit that weird missionary stage haha.
I’m sorry to hear about Todd Christensen. I think it’s okay for you to feel sad about that.
The rooster is doing good. Luckily the chickens live behind the pancake house so he doesn’t wake anyone up. The chocolate pancakes are pretty good. You’ll have to try them. I also tried a corn meal pancake with white chocolate chips. That wasn’t too bad. One thing you will have to try is blueberry milk. They have it out here! I thought only Saco did, but we have some here too! I’m really excited!
Last week we had zone conference with Elder Nielson. He’s the one who spoke at conference about the exclamation point and sounded like he was at a football game. He was great. He talked to us about how our mission is preparing us for a greater calling. It was cool. Kind of scary, but good. I wish we could have spent more time with him. He told us about his experience with picking missions for missionaries, Pres. Monson and just other experiences. His sweet wife was so wonderful. It was really good.
It’s not snowy yet, but it’s freezing! I’ve had to buy two pairs of fleece tights, and I have to wear my boots, coat, tights and a scarf everyday! This isn’t even the bad stuff yet. But yeah things are good.
I have to get going. I don’t get as much time at this library. I love you Mom! We have district pday so I don’t know if I’ll have time to write you, but I’ll try. I love you! Have a good week! Only one more week until turkey day! Oh and guess what, I’ve been out for 8 months. How crazy is that? I love you