September 1st, 2014 – 24 more days!

Wow, days, we are talking days!  This is so strange.  This is one very proud mother. I know this is meant to be a place to share Jessica’s thoughts and letters, but still, you have to put up with a few of my own.

Two years ago, a mission was just a fleeting thought – then it became a possibility and then a reality and now it is very close to becoming a remembered and valued experience.  My dear Jessica, as you go back and read this blog for what it contains and what you will yet add to it,  please remember always the overwhelming love you have for the Savior and your appreciation for the work and sacrifice that He put forth in our behalf.  You have been such a vital part of that work – you have shared so much, but in return, you have received so much.  You have worked with amazing companions, wonderful members and memorable contacts.   The conversion stories will never be forgotten and the lessons you have taught and the lessons you have learned about working and sharing and caring about others will impact every relationship you have from this day forth.

Most important of all, the challenging moments you have experienced, with health, communication, and/or understanding yourself, will strengthen you through the hard times that lie ahead.  We wouldn’t be here if we did not have reason to grow, or help others to grow – always closer to our Heavenly Father.   Jessica, remember always what you have learned about ‘Sprinting with the Spirit’.

Your 18 month mission in New Hampshire may be almost over, but your lifetime mission is  just beginning.  You have a lifetime of joy ahead – another phase of study, planning, working and expanding the limits of your love for others and your dedication to share the good news of the gospel.  We have yet to witness the full power of Heavenly Father’s plan in your life – a life of caring about yourself, your family and those whose lives you will impact daily by your determination to live as you have been taught.  If you don’t remember anything else, please remember how much your mother loves you and that I KNOW that you are capable of greatness.

            If you believe it – you can do it!  With God,  patience & wisdom, all good things are possible!



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