July 21

On Wednesday we went to go contact a less active member that Brother Parker home teaches. Well, she moved, but we found this little neighborhood that we had never seen before. It was really cool. We spent some time down there tracting. We didn’t find anyone who was very interested, but we were happy to find a new little part of our area.

We also met with Debbie, Allen and Aaron that day. They’re so funny. They all live in the same apartment complex. We taught the Plan of Salvation with Brother Colby. He reminds me of Dad. Him and his wife joined the church about 5 years ago. Before our lesson we were talking about how to invite the three of them to be baptized. We got to our lesson late and slightly frazzled so we did a terrible job preparing Brother Colby for the lesson. Luckily he just went along with it all. At the end he bore a powerful testimony about eternal families and eternal families. Sister Tyler jumped in on that and brought up baptism, then I asked them the baptismal invitation. They said they want to be baptized, but are confused why they would need to be baptized again. Our lesson had already ran on too long so we set up an appointment to talk about it on Friday. Sadly we haven’t gotten a hold of them since Wednesday. We’re hoping everything’s okay. It’s not like them to cancel on us. For some reason we kept getting our times and days mixed up with each other. Boo!

We got to garden with Brother Gratton again this week. I am becoming the expert bug squisher! Their garden is so cool! Sister Tyler and I weeded the peas and helped them climb up the teepee thing they have. It was really cool. Their daughter Rebecca has it so she can sit in her teepee and eat peas. All she has to do is reach out to grab one. It thought that was a cute idea.

When we were leaving I was trying to wash the dirt on my hands. Well the hose they have is like the length of my foot so you can attach other ones to them. Well…I went to go turn it off and instead turned it ALL THE WAY ON! Yeah…I sprayed Sister Tyler. She was really wet.

After Sister Tyler changed we went and helped Sister Maurice to move some furniture.  She’s this cute Filipino lady. I love her! She had just gotten back from the Philippians so she was still getting over her jet lag. She spent the last 2 months over in Manila visiting her family. She showed us the pictures after we helped her. They’re so cool! She told me I should go with her on her next trip. I wouldn’t mind :). With her and Judi I could have some exciting adventures traveling random countries.

On Saturday the Elders gave us a referral for someone they had talked to in downtown Burlington that wanted to learn more, but lived in our side of the area. It worked out perfectly because they happened to be on the same street we had already planned to go contact a former investigator there. I don’t know why we didn’t realize, but it was the same person! When I put the address in my gps I thought, “this looks really familiar” yeah it was the same one. We talked with her for a second, but she was cooking so we’re going back next Saturday.

On Sunday we met with Jordan and Gabe and Gabe’s family. We actually had the lesson at his parent’s, the Bosen’s, and taught the lesson with his dad, Jordan and Gabe. It was really good. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We read through the pamphlet then talked about the different parts of it. We don’t normally do that, but felt Jordan would like that. We asked her about baptism again and this time she said,”not yet”. She seems to like it more each time we meet with her. She’s so sweet.

Yesterday at church we had a pot luck after church. Micalea, one of the college students that just came back for school came and sat by us. We were talking about the usual stuff. Where are you from, where did you go to school, you know. Well she went to BYU Hawaii. I mentioned how I had friends who played soccer out there. She got excited and said wait who? As soon as I said, “Makelle” we both said “you know Makelle Yates!” She lived with Makelle and know Chanise and Kammi. How crazy is that! Small world. She texted them right then. It was so weird to think she’s actually talking to them haha. Isn’t that so crazy!?

That’s kind of it for exciting stuff. I have two tomatoes that are red. My other ones are working on it. I moved more in the bathroom. And yes, I sing to them haha.


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