July 9th, 2014 – 11 weeks to go

Did I mention?  Sister Jessica will be showing her beautiful smile at the Salt Lake Airport on September 24th – we don’t know any times as of yet, but will be excited to hear.  She wrote  a wonderful card to her Dad last week – it made me smile when I read it – I know we shouldn’t read other people’s mail, but I think missionary daughters should be the exception:

Dear Dad,

I hear you have become quite the soccer fan, I can’t wait to re-watch those games with you!  We have been busy in Burlington lately!  We’ve been staining a lot of porches.  I think we’ve done one a week.  I’ve enjoyed it though.

We have also been taking the bus a lot more.  I like it.  We took it down to Shelburne last week to see a less active member.  We decided to spend the next two hours tracting or just finding new investigators.  Well,  we didn’t have much luck, but someone game me a popsicle (it was sealed and came from the box, I promise it was safe).

We decided, since it’s Vermont, there are probably more people on trails then on the sidewalks.  Nope, we were wrong.  We start walking and about an hour later we’re getting restless because we seem to be stuck on this never ending trail!  We didn’t now where we were, but then we found Shelburne Bay.  After about another mile, we finally found the main road again.  Luckily we go there right as the bus was pulling up.  It was Crazy!  We met this sweet Asian lady who said we could stop by when we’re in the area.  It was a fun adventure.

My birthday was so great.  I had such a good day.  I don’t know why but I actually do feel different.  That’s never happened on a birthday before.  I just feel like I’m actually becoming who I want to be.  In December, President Stoker told me to set a goal for what I want to do for the rest of my mission.  I decided I want to be happy and confident, like truly happy and confident.  On my birthday, for some reason, I could feel that I was happy and I am confident.  Even though I have 2  1/2 months left, I don’t have to be scared or nervous about going home.  It was like all those mini fears went away.  I just feel more me and I’m starting to begin to see myself the way Heavenly Father sees me.  (and isn’t that what a mother who believes we can have all the blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for us if we are willing to see it His way, wants to hear?  I know it is hard to make these choices – sometimes we allow ourselves to be  more influenced by the people we want to impress than the teachings of our Heavenly Father and Jesus – but what great joy when you realize that your children ‘Get It’  )

I love you Jessica, I am so proud of you!  (Mother’s are allowed some ‘parent pride’ moments)   Happy Day!!!!!!


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