January 26, 2014

I got 2 wonderful letters from Jessica – short, but perfect:

First letter:  Sorry, pathetic mom can’t find first letter, awesome dad likes to put them away and not tell mom where they are but Jessica said she is almost half way through winter and she has only fallen once, even though it is pretty icy and that she is trying to make friends with the big belgium horse, she thinks it is working.  Also that she is crocheting scarves, cross stitching and something else, she has been so sick waiting for her surgery from which she is now recovering.  She said she feels like a little old lady with her little needlecraft projects.  (just like her mother?)  she didn’t say that part.

Second awesome letter:  she is now recovering  from surgery on her gall bladder.

Dear Mom:

I’m doing good.   Sitting is hard, but I’ll do fine in a few days.  Pres Stoker called me a day after surgery and well I guess I was a bit loopy.  This weekend we played a lot of games with David Swain.  He’s 5.  It was great.  We were on Sam’s huge bed playing Dominos, Sorry, Memory, and another game I could barely move to play, but it worked.

The other day I realized I experienced what the Lord describes in Mosiah 24.  That if I put my trust in Him I won’t even feel the burden of my trial.  I didn’t feel nearly as much pain as I should have.  In fact I was starting to worry there was nothing wrong.  I’m doing much better.  It was cool to see that promise work.

It was kind of funny getting a new companion the week of surgery.  We only had one normal day to work together.  Sister Lundahl and I worked Tuesday night after getting back from Manchester.  We taught all our less active members and investigators on Wednesday and had surgery Thursday.  I am doing well, getting stronger each day – I love you all…


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