January – Its a New Year

Happy New Year!

So, we got a little behind again.  Here is Jessica’s email from two weeks ago:

We got a crazy storm! It was so stinking cold! This morning we woke up to everything frozen! We get freezing rain so this morning all the bushes trees, cars, the snow everything had a layer of ice on it. It’s so cool looking! A little hard to walk in but cool looking.
I’m glad you had fun with Sawyer and Tennyson. I miss those boys.
So this Sunday I was brave and bore my testimony in church. I figured I should probably get over that fear. It was scary but I did it.
I’m happy to have surgery next week. I never thought I would say that, but it’s true. I can’t wait to be able to plan my next day and know that I’ll be able to do things without worrying if I’ll feel okay. The ward is so concerned as well. They are all asking how I’m feeling and if I need anything. Luckily Sister Bowns is so wonderful through all of this too. I just can’t wait for you to meet all of the wonderful people out here. We’ll have to come back in the summer so you don’t freeze to death. I’m almost there haha.
And then this was last week:
Sister Bowns is getting transfered so it will be kind of funny with my new companion. I’ll meet her Tuesday (tomorrow) then have surgery on Thursday. Samantha  said we’ll have to bond really fast haha. I’m not too worried about it though. If Sister Bowns needs to be transfered I know Heavenly Father will give me someone who I won’t have to worry about.

This week we invite four little kids to be baptized! We have been meeting with them for awhile. Becky is 14, Troy is 12, Patrick and Lucas are 10. They’re set to get baptized on Feb. 22! Isn’t that exciting!
This last week I got to go to Penacock, NH. It’s right outside of Concord. I was down there for exchanges. All of the sidewalks were frozen over! It was crazy! We were walking up hill on ice! I didn’t slip, but we were laughing the whole way. I was tired after that.
We had dinner Friday night with our recent convert Judy. She has 5 dogs. Elky, Sugar Baby, Fancy, Precious, and Lolly. She rescues dogs. We call Fancy Fan Fan. When I sat down on Judy’s couch on Saturday Fan Fan and Lolly just layed on me. They’re like the size of Cougar. They were a very warm blanket. I love Judy’s dogs.
It’s been pretty warm here the last few days, but it’s supposed to get cold again this week. Sam told us we just have to make it to Feb. 2. That’s the half way point. I think I can do that. There have been some cold days, but nothing has been too ridiculous.
                              *Jessica had surgery Thursday to get her gall bladder out – everything went wonderfully – the surgeon said it was what needed  to be done.  Samantha, her friend and neighbor and the Swains have been absolutely wonderful taking care of Jessica as she has recovered.  Friday, I called Sister Swain to find out where to order flowers, she gave me a couple of numbers, I called one of them, turned out, the very kind woman I spoke to had met 2 sister missionaries last week and one of them was Jessica.  She knew exactly who the flowers and balloons were going to.

Here is today’s email from Jessica:

Hey Mom!

I am feeling good! My belly button hurts, but I’m good. I get tired pretty easy, but it’s all good. Who was the lady at the flower shop? I don’t know who she is. Thank you for the flowers. They are so pretty. I love them!

Sam was very helpful. She has been letting me take naps in her bed (she has a 4inch memory foam pad) and on Friday Sister Swain would put Joseph down then go check on me downstairs then check on the baby again. We joked that she had two kids. What you told Sam was perfect for food. The pudding was nice and yesterday I could actually eat the spaghetti’os mainly because I was so desperate to eat something besides saltine crackers. Sprite and Saltine crackers is about all I’ve eaten. My clothes fit very different after eating that for a few days.

Yesterday I tried to stay for all of church and Brother Orton our Ward Mission Leader wouldn’t let me. He made sure I was going home after sacrament meeting. I’m glad we did. I was so uncomfortable after that. President Stoker was surprised I made it through ward council and sacrament meeting.
Brother Swain and Brother Morrison gave me a blessing it was really cool. The blessing told me how Heavenly Father still performs miracles. He even talked about raising Lazarus in my blessing which was cool because I have been studying the miracles Christ performed recently. It was really humbling. I’ve had some really powerful blessing while I’ve been out.

I have to go though. I won’t be on the computer though. It hurts to sit normally so I’m letting Sister Lundahl use the rest of the time to email her family. Will you let everyone know I’m doing okay? I feel bad I don’t have more time today. I love you!


That’s it for now, except that this has truly been a week of miracles.  I love this gospel, I KNOW it is true.  I am so grateful to have a daughter who is taking advantage of the opportunity she has been given to learn and share and grow in the gospel. I am grateful for the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and I leave this in His Holy Name, Amen.

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