December 2013

November 25, 2013

I think the pancake house is fresh out of turkey pancakes haha.

For thanksgiving I think we’re having it at the Swains. The whole family is in Florida at Disney World, but they’ll be back tomorrow. If we don’t go there we’ll go to the church.

So guess what, I actually sang in the ward choir at stake conference. It was terrifying! Singing is not my cup of tea, but Sister Bowns likes it so it worked. We got to go to the adult session of conference. Normally we don’t. In the Concord stake there are 39 missionaries. This mission went from about a 100 missionaries to 220ish missionaries. Isn’t that crazy!!! It’s fun. A lot of missionaries go to Utah State. Hopefully that means I might actually know people when I get back haha.

I have to admit, I love telling your and mom’s conversion story. Everyone is really impressed when I tell them about you. It’s so fun how excited people get when they hear your story! So far everyone loves you and wants to meet you and mom. You’re kind of a legend all the way out here in New Hampshire haha.

I love you Dad!

I’ll have to read Mom’s new favorite scripture. We’ve been watching the Joseph Smith movie lately and I just want to spend all day reading the Doctrine and Covenants now.


December 2, 2013

So the usual winter cold has attacked me this week, but I’m surviving. Sleeping A LOT!

I didn’t get transferred, but I am now a Sister Training Leader. We get a call the last Saturday night of the transfer. Depending on where you are at depends on who calls you. I think Pres. Stoker calls the New Hampshire areas because we got a call from him Saturday and I got one from him in Littleton too. When he calls it usually means three things, you’re getting transferred, you’re now in a leadership position or you’re getting transferred  and in a leadership position. So Saturday night he called us to call me as a sister training leader. In our mission we are divided up into Zones and then we’re broken up into districts.  I go to meetings with Zone leaders and President Stoker once a month (mission leadership council), and I’m over the sisters in my zone. So if nothing changes area wise I’m only over two other sisters and Sister Bowns. I get to call them every Saturday night and see how their doing emotionally, spiritually, physically because we can’t really talk to the Elders about that stuff. I also organize exchanges for us. We only go on two so I pretty much pick the week we do those and then call the zone leaders and the district leaders about how they went. This is still a fairly new calling so it’s still kind of iffy on what I do. They only started having sister training leaders when the wave of Sisters came out. So yeah that’s what I’m doing now.

Thanksgiving was so fun! It was like being in an old fashion thanksgiving. It was great! I can’t wait to see what New England Christmas’ are like.



One thought on “December 2013

  1. I love it!! Ok I’m glad that she is enjoying sharing mom and dad’s conversion story as much as I do…’s my favorite thing to tell new people (ok clients) of mine that ask if I’m Mormon and when I tell them my parents didn’t join the church until 5years married and two kids in….they are in awe and want to learn more and just love the story as much as I do…..I’ll share with jessi in my email Monday about an awesome story/memory I have with mom when I asked her what sealed the deal for her when it came to the church…..and it was about families being together for eternity…’s much more elegant than that but it’s the just of it for now 🙂 yay jessi survived thanksgiving away from home and sang in the choir!!! That’s just impressive!!!

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