November 4, 2013

This week has been good. The Stokers came to our district meeting. We have district meetings on Thursday and my tests were on Friday. I was starting to get a little nervous so right before everyone left I quickly asked if I could get a blessing. I was looking at the Laconia Elders when I asked, but then Pres. Stoker asked if I wanted him to do it. Of course I said yes, and he gave me a really cool blessing. It was different. It was really cool though.
Judy is getting baptized on Friday! She has finally given up tea. During our lesson she said, “get thee hence Satan, I have hot chocolate”. It was so funny. She is just beaming! She’s so excited for this weekend. Her birthday is actually on Sunday, so she’s being confirmed on her birthday.
We have these massive phantom flies in our apartment. Sister Bowns keeps killing them, but they keep coming back from the dead. We’ve now decided to start flushing them. So far that has worked.

So I’m am slowly adopting the New England ways. Last week we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with maple syrup. They were really good! We substituted half the sugar for maple syrup and it was SO good. Much better then maple syrup on pizza.


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