November 12, 2013

This week has been crazy, but it was good. Judy got baptized and we had our first snow. It snowed a little but melted before church was over. Poor Ruby and Benjamin (the belgium horses) were very wet.

So on Friday Judy got baptized! That day was kind of crazy! So we were at the church at 1 for a coordination meeting with the Elders and our ward mission leader. We started flushing out the font at 1 to make sure there weren’t any gross things in the water. By the time it’s two the font is full! Not like partially, but FULL! It wasn’t even plugged! So for about a half hour we were trying to figure out what to do. The Elders couldn’t figure it out and nothing was happening with the spider and hair infested water. So the Elders call the old Bishop and we find out the font takes 8 HOURS to drain. We didn’t have 8 hours! It was 2 and Judy was getting baptized at 7. Well the Elders had to get going and Sister Bowns and I grabbed pitchers from the kitchen and started dumping it in the bathroom sink. We thought there has to be a better way! So we went and grabbed two of the largest buckets in the kitchen. We started filling those up and flushing the water down the toilet. I ended up standing in a bucket at the end because the water was so cold, but we had to use cups to get the extra water. Yeah…2 hours later we got the font empty and we were wet! Now we head home to change when we had a Casey moment…meaning we are almost out of gas! The gps took us to a gas station that didn’t exist
but luckily we found one. Heavenly Father must really love Judy because the font filled right in time for her baptism. It was CRAZY!!! The funny thing is the font wasn’t completely drained yesterday. It should be empty by now, but who knows.

Oh and a pig ate my skirt.
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