October 25, 2013 -Transfer to Laconia.

Okay so the area I’m in is Laconia. I live in Sambornton above the Swain Family. They are wonderful! They have the pancake house, which has SO many flavors of pancakes, a dairy farm (I tried raw milk last week), and lots and lots of animals. They have to Belgium horses, a miniature horse, a regular horse, Fern (a St. Bernard/sheep dog mix), chickens (we talk to them when we get eggs in the morning), ducks, sheep, and goats. I live in this movie like setting, but it’s real. It’s so fun!

Sam lives with the Swains. She is great! She drove us down to the doctors this morning, and pretty much just takes care of us. She’s so wonderful. She calls the missionary’s family to see what they like to eat and stuff and then makes it for us! Don’t be too surprised if you get a call from her. She’s so great.
Sister Bowns, my new companion  is so wonderful! She is so sweet! It’s funny she kind of reminds me of Tori. She’s great.
We might be really brave and do a musical number at zone conference. This is a really big deal because you know I don’t like singing. She’s so great though. She talked to me the whole time I was getting my blood drawn so I wouldn’t be scared. She’s wonderful!
On Wednesdays we help with early morning seminary. Holy cow! All of my friends from out of state are amazing! I don’t know how they woke up so early to go to seminary everyday! They’re amazing!
There’s a family out here that lived in Lehi. They Ayers, do that sound familiar?
Brother and Sister Smith came from Maine to visit.  They found out I was living over the pancake house and called to see if they could visit.
Seeing Brother and Sister Smith was so great! I could not stop smiling that day! They are so wonderful! I cannot wait for you to meet them.
Coming to Laconia was a huge blessing. It made the stress of everything a little easier and having Fern to pet downstairs makes it really nice.
I love you Mom! Hope you’re having a good day!
(sometimes I leave things out of Jessica’s emails but that last sentence needed to stay FOREVER!!  I love that girl.

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