November 18th

Things here are cold. No snow yet, but cold. Last night I met Bob at Lake Winnipesaukee. You and mom should watch What About Bob. It’s filled on the lake that’s in my area. The Bob I met was just a member in the ward. He’s really funny. Brother and Sister Rudy are so sweet. Their daughter Sister Green and her 4 cute little boys live with them. They had us over for dinner last night. They read a little bit of where they’re at in the Book of Mormon. They read 3 Nephi 3. When Brother Rudy asked the boys what “fortification” meant they said, “a fort for vacation”. It was great.
So I’ve come to realize I really like Isaiah. Two weeks ago we got to teach the early morning seminary class about the Isaiah chapters and it was so fun! Ever since then I’ve really enjoyed reading little bits from Isaiah. I think my favorite scripture is from there. Isaiah 1:18. That one has really stuck out to me a lot lately. I just love how reading Isaiah is like solving a puzzle. I got really excited when I realized that Abinadi quotes him. Alright I think I’ve officially hit that weird missionary stage haha.
I’m sorry to hear about Todd Christensen. I think it’s okay for you to feel sad about that.
The rooster is doing good. Luckily the chickens live behind the pancake house so he doesn’t wake anyone up. The chocolate pancakes are pretty good. You’ll have to try them. I also tried a corn meal pancake with white chocolate chips. That wasn’t too bad. One thing you will have to try is blueberry milk. They have it out here! I thought only Saco did, but we have some here too! I’m really excited!
Last week we had zone conference with Elder Nielson. He’s the one who spoke at conference about the exclamation point and sounded like he was at a football game. He was great. He talked to us about how our mission is preparing us for a greater calling. It was cool. Kind of scary, but good. I wish we could have spent more time with him. He told us about his experience with picking missions for missionaries, Pres. Monson and just other experiences. His sweet wife was so wonderful. It was really good.
It’s not snowy yet, but it’s freezing! I’ve had to buy two pairs of fleece tights, and I have to wear my boots, coat, tights and a scarf everyday! This isn’t even the bad stuff yet. But yeah things are good.
I have to get going. I don’t get as much time at this library. I love you Mom! We have district pday so I don’t know if I’ll have time to write you, but I’ll try. I love you! Have a good week! Only one more week until turkey day! Oh and guess what, I’ve been out for 8 months. How crazy is that? I love you

November 12, 2013

This week has been crazy, but it was good. Judy got baptized and we had our first snow. It snowed a little but melted before church was over. Poor Ruby and Benjamin (the belgium horses) were very wet.

So on Friday Judy got baptized! That day was kind of crazy! So we were at the church at 1 for a coordination meeting with the Elders and our ward mission leader. We started flushing out the font at 1 to make sure there weren’t any gross things in the water. By the time it’s two the font is full! Not like partially, but FULL! It wasn’t even plugged! So for about a half hour we were trying to figure out what to do. The Elders couldn’t figure it out and nothing was happening with the spider and hair infested water. So the Elders call the old Bishop and we find out the font takes 8 HOURS to drain. We didn’t have 8 hours! It was 2 and Judy was getting baptized at 7. Well the Elders had to get going and Sister Bowns and I grabbed pitchers from the kitchen and started dumping it in the bathroom sink. We thought there has to be a better way! So we went and grabbed two of the largest buckets in the kitchen. We started filling those up and flushing the water down the toilet. I ended up standing in a bucket at the end because the water was so cold, but we had to use cups to get the extra water. Yeah…2 hours later we got the font empty and we were wet! Now we head home to change when we had a Casey moment…meaning we are almost out of gas! The gps took us to a gas station that didn’t exist
but luckily we found one. Heavenly Father must really love Judy because the font filled right in time for her baptism. It was CRAZY!!! The funny thing is the font wasn’t completely drained yesterday. It should be empty by now, but who knows.

Oh and a pig ate my skirt.
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November 4, 2013

This week has been good. The Stokers came to our district meeting. We have district meetings on Thursday and my tests were on Friday. I was starting to get a little nervous so right before everyone left I quickly asked if I could get a blessing. I was looking at the Laconia Elders when I asked, but then Pres. Stoker asked if I wanted him to do it. Of course I said yes, and he gave me a really cool blessing. It was different. It was really cool though.
Judy is getting baptized on Friday! She has finally given up tea. During our lesson she said, “get thee hence Satan, I have hot chocolate”. It was so funny. She is just beaming! She’s so excited for this weekend. Her birthday is actually on Sunday, so she’s being confirmed on her birthday.
We have these massive phantom flies in our apartment. Sister Bowns keeps killing them, but they keep coming back from the dead. We’ve now decided to start flushing them. So far that has worked.

So I’m am slowly adopting the New England ways. Last week we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with maple syrup. They were really good! We substituted half the sugar for maple syrup and it was SO good. Much better then maple syrup on pizza.

October 25, 2013 -Transfer to Laconia.

Okay so the area I’m in is Laconia. I live in Sambornton above the Swain Family. They are wonderful! They have the pancake house, which has SO many flavors of pancakes, a dairy farm (I tried raw milk last week), and lots and lots of animals. They have to Belgium horses, a miniature horse, a regular horse, Fern (a St. Bernard/sheep dog mix), chickens (we talk to them when we get eggs in the morning), ducks, sheep, and goats. I live in this movie like setting, but it’s real. It’s so fun!

Sam lives with the Swains. She is great! She drove us down to the doctors this morning, and pretty much just takes care of us. She’s so wonderful. She calls the missionary’s family to see what they like to eat and stuff and then makes it for us! Don’t be too surprised if you get a call from her. She’s so great.
Sister Bowns, my new companion  is so wonderful! She is so sweet! It’s funny she kind of reminds me of Tori. She’s great.
We might be really brave and do a musical number at zone conference. This is a really big deal because you know I don’t like singing. She’s so great though. She talked to me the whole time I was getting my blood drawn so I wouldn’t be scared. She’s wonderful!
On Wednesdays we help with early morning seminary. Holy cow! All of my friends from out of state are amazing! I don’t know how they woke up so early to go to seminary everyday! They’re amazing!
There’s a family out here that lived in Lehi. They Ayers, do that sound familiar?
Brother and Sister Smith came from Maine to visit.  They found out I was living over the pancake house and called to see if they could visit.
Seeing Brother and Sister Smith was so great! I could not stop smiling that day! They are so wonderful! I cannot wait for you to meet them.
Coming to Laconia was a huge blessing. It made the stress of everything a little easier and having Fern to pet downstairs makes it really nice.
I love you Mom! Hope you’re having a good day!
(sometimes I leave things out of Jessica’s emails but that last sentence needed to stay FOREVER!!  I love that girl.