October 2013

I found out I am being transferred this week but I don’t know where yet.  I will find out tomorrow. 
This week has had it’s ups and downs. Monday we saw one of our investigators Kim. She is so sweet. We talked about the restoration with her. Our intention was to finish it…but that didn’t happen all the way. We were talking about having prophets in each dispensation. She started asking about Joseph Smith so our lesson kind of jumped ahead. Eventually I recited the First Vision and it was so neat to see the look on her face. You could see that she knew this was real. The whole first lesson always goes back to how much our Heavenly Father loves us and it was so neat to see in her face that she know Heavenly Father loves her. It was cool. I of course lost it, but it was really neat. 
       Tuesday was not the best day. I didn’t feel very good. 
       Wednesday we say Sister Whitcomb. She’s really neat. We went visiting teaching with Holly Hartwell. Sister Hartwell is so funny. She has taken us out to lunch a few times. She is the biggest red sox fan, which is really weird, but I don’t say anything. She does a paper route and did not get any sleep, but after she dropped us off she said, “I sleep later the red sox are playing tonight!” She’s so funny. I’m going to miss Sister Hartwell. 
Thursday we met with Brother Lassen. He always makes us so much food to take home! Every time we have visited him he makes a goodie for us to eat, then sends us home with a ton of food. This week he made us coconut custard pie. It was really yummy! After Brother Lassen we met with Sharleen. I felt so bad. We asked her to read some scriptures, but she didn’t know how to look them up. I felt so bad! She’s so sweet though. She was a referral from a member in the ward. After every visit she calls Sis. Donovan and tells her how much she enjoyed our visit. She is so sweet. She always says, “God bless” a lot when we leave. She’s really sweet. 
Friday we met with the Pecors. Doug and Jackie are so wonderful! There little boy calls me Hoff. He’s only 2. On Sunday Doug passed the sacrament for the first time and gave his first talk. It was the perfect Sunday to end on. After Doug and Jackie we met with Stephen. A recent convert Rob came with us. Rob did so good! That was his first time coming with us. It was really fun to see Rob be able to help Stephen. 
One Saturday we got to go to the Rayburn’s baptism. Their Grandma was the one who brought us packages. It was really fun. Little Nathan was so excited!
Yesterday was really good. It was hard saying goodbye to a lot of people, but I know I’ll see them again. This ward is really great! After church we went to Sister Terres house for dinner. She is always so good to us. She drives us every where and does so hard to help everyone. She’s the relief society president for the last 3 years but has only been a member for 5. She does a great job. After dinner we met with Rob and Sister Mann. We talked about how the Provo tabernacle was burned but then turned into a temple and then we carved pumpkins. It was really fun! 
Today Sister Burkholder is coming down to Littleton to make dresses with us. She makes these dresses for women in the ward and we’re making them with her, but we need to finish mine today. 
There’s a little bit of what we did this week. I have been feeling a little better. I think the change will be good for me. I will miss this area though. 

One thought on “October 2013

  1. I love hearing these stories from her!! Thank you for posting this! I sure miss this missionary of ours but so happy to hear all the amazing things she is doing and the lives she is blessing!

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