Monday, October 7th (Our 41st anniversary-what better gift than to have a missionary daughter)

So on Tuesday, Brother Calkins called us and told us to stop by this house he was excavating a shed at. We stopped by and we got to see him fold a frame of a bus like it was rubber. It was really cool! We got to sit in his tractor thing and then we got to sit in his diesel truck and I got to pull the horn! It was really fun. Well we also met the lady who lived there. We talked to her about how the church runs because her son took a class from our Bishop at Lyndon State, but didn’t understand how he was a bishop and a professor. She was really nice. We’re going to stop by her again soon. 
On Wednesday we got to celebrate Stephen’s two year anniversary of him being alcohol free! It was fun we had hamburgers and hot dogs and then had a lesson around the fire pit. The Larsons and Donovans (they’re related) call it the party mound. Then we got to enjoy s’mores. Those are always nice!
Thursday we had interviews with President Stoker. He asked how I was doing and I just kind of told him everything. I told him how I feel. He told me something very similar to what my mom always says. He told me, “You’re a great missionary, I just wish you could see that.” That phrasing sounded a little familiar. Sorry I’m not telling you this to brag, I just thought it was ironic how it was the same phrasing you usually use. Anyway I did feel a little better after interviews. 
Conference was wonderful! I really enjoyed all of it. I don’t know if there was one in particular talk that I liked over the others. I received a blessing last night before we went home and I was told to look over my notes to see what I should do. So at least I know I have the answer, I just hope I recognize it. 
Thank you for the package! I really like the necklace and earrings Sarah sent even if it was a joke. Thank you for the pictures and cookies, and taffy. It was perfect. 
Happy Anniversary! 
I asked Jessica about the weather and upcoming transfers – she asked me to send out her warm clothing.  I asked her if she wanted to wait until after transfers to see if she might be transferred to an area that is not as cold.  Here is her reply – I kind of had to laugh-my mother grew up in the East and always told me how cold it was, I should have known better.  Anyway, I loved Jessica’s response:  “There’s no where warm here. Sadly. I think my mission goes down to the NH coast, but I’m not sure. We have lake Winapasakee (that’s really spelled wrong) from the movie What About Bob! But no there’s no such thing as warm weather out here. Even the beaches are freezing. They were cold until the middle of June.
She is sad that the ice cream stores are all closing – but yeah the candy store is open. They have peachy penguins which is good. Those and sour watermelons are her favorites.
So, there it is, another week for an amazing missionary – I prefer not to dwell on the frustrations, just the joys (ok, and the amazing potentially freezing weather).  While the trials are probably the most important part of the journey, and they are the reason for the incredible growth one experiences throughout a mission, it is the results and successes we prefer to report.  Love to all, Mom

One thought on “Monday, October 7th (Our 41st anniversary-what better gift than to have a missionary daughter)

  1. Haha love that missionary Jessi!!!! I tried to warn her how freezing the north east is… a couple of winters there is one reason I love Texas winters and fall so much! Thanks for the posts!!

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