October Conference Weekend

I love conference weekend, it is so wonderful to receive inspiring words from our Prophet – it is also a good weekend to catch up on things (like your daughter’s blog)  I love having a missionary out – I love every time I hear other faithful members pray for the missionaries.  I love that they, along with me, ask Heavenly Father to bless them as they serve diligently – sharing His message,

Here are the last few emails from Jessica – there may be some overlap, better than omissions, I guess:

Not much has really changed here. We have an investigator Doug who is so ready to get baptized. He is getting baptized on September 14. His wife is a less active member who just realized one day that they need to go to church. They’re great. Every time we teach him something new he just tells us it makes sense. They always ask us if we need food or anything. They’re so great. 

Sister Mann is wonderful! She is the young women president who takes us everywhere. She drives us with her to church on Sunday and on Wednesday for scripture study. It works out because she always drives up there. I love talking with her. She’s an elementary teacher, but right now she’s the reading specialist. I love talking to her about different books. She always asks us questions on our way out to church like, what are five things in your dream house? if you could be one Disney princess what would it be? What are your three favorite traits about yourself? She’s really fun. 


This week was good. You and Dad probably won’t get a letter this week. We’re having district pday, which means we’re getting together with the 2 sets of Elders in our area and playing games or doing something. I’m not quite sure yet. Anyway I won’t have time to write you guys this week. Sorry!

This week we got to go down to the Joseph Smith Memorial again. Bro. Gregory (a recent convert) suggested that The Pecor’s go down to it. So Sister Jackman and I, the Pecor’s, and the Gregory’s went down to the JSM on Saturday. When we come back here we’ll have to make sure one of the senior couples shows us around. It was still really good. It’s really pretty down there.   (I love that Jessica is talking about when we go out there) 

We have transfer calls this week, so we find out if either of us are staying in Littleton or if we’re getting transferred. I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere, but Sister Jackman feels like she could be transferred. In the end anything could happen. We find out on Saturday though. I can’t believe another 6 weeks has already passed. (this was almost a month ago, new transfers will be coming up soon)

This week has been a little hard knowing my friends were all starting school. I really miss school, but I’m fine now. The leaves are changing already. It’s really strange.

Hmm what are some highlights from this week? Doug Pecor received the priesthood, I went to Newport, VT on exchange and tried maple syrup on pizza, we found a new investigator, Sharleen, I stunned our investigator John because I could flip right to Matt. 3 where the Savior was baptized (he reads the King James Bible, but didn’t he know Christ was baptized), the Relief Society broadcast was really good, but Pres. Monson looked old for the first time, we taught relief society, we have a hole in our cupboard from mice (we have a cookie sheet blocking it, which is held up by a pot), and I got a churro from taco bell on Thursday which was really good. Those are really the exciting things that have happened. 

I love the investigator stories but I also love the real life stories, everyone should have a mouse adventure to share for posterity.  So happy ‘last day of conference’ to you all – It is still hard to believe that it was a whole year ago that this wonderful ‘missionary adventure’ began.  What an exciting year this has been – and now to this new year – I shall tell you my goal is to post every week from now on – we shall see.  Jessica, as you read this next year when you get home – I love you so much!!!!!


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