Littleton, New Hampshire

Littleton, New Hampshire


Last night we had a visit from Dusty, an amazing man that Jessica met on her mission.  He called to see if he could stop by, he had some pictures for us.  I was so excited – I hurried and straightened up our little home, prepared for the visit.  It had been a very difficult day at school and I was relaxing with my wonderful husband when the phone call came.  We waited, excited, then Mckinley and Aidie came downstairs with these beautiful pictures of our sweet missionary.  He had dropped them off and left.  I called the number I had and his sweet wife spoke of her husband who didn’t want to take up our time but wanted to share his humble gift with us.  What joy he brought us!  If you are reading this Dusty, please know what joy you have brought us this day. 

Jessica is in Littleton, New Hampshire – she was not transferred last week so she is on her second 6 week opportunity to serve in that mountain community.  Her companion is also from this area, in fact, Jessica went to school with her – that is so amazing to me. 

Here are a few of her emails:

Out in Littleton, NH things are freezing! It’s already getting cold. It feels like October. (this was in August)  I have no idea how I’m going to survive winter. The trees are starting to change colors and they are really pretty. 
The work out here is a little slower. We do have two investigators. Doug and Steven. Doug’s wife is a less active member who has started coming back to church. They are so great! Every time we teach them he just says, “oh that makes sense”. He’s getting baptized on September 14. We’re really excited. Steven lives with a family in the ward. He’s the same way with things. Things just make sense to him. We are working on quitting smoking. That has been a struggle for him.
Littleton is good. We have a baptism this week. Our investigator Doug Pecor is getting baptized. They are so great. I love meeting with their family. His wife Jackie is a member but was less active until July. When she came back Doug joined her and wanted to meet with the missionaries. They have two little kids who are the cutest things. Ben turned 2 yesterday and Norah was born in April. They are so cute. Ben is all boy and is always playing with a ball. 
Thank you for the taffy. (I ordered her some taffy from Bodega Bay, California)  I have been eating it like crazy! It’s so yummy. I hope you get yours soon. How are the goats doing? (we now have 2 pygmy goats at home)  I told Sister Peterson (a member in our ward) about the goats and she always asks about them.
The baptism this weekend was so great! I’ll send pictures home today from the baptism. It worked out that Doug’s brother in law, Tyson, was in Boston for a business trip. Tyson baptized Doug. It was so cool that happened because what are the chances that Tyson and his wife Stephani could be out here for the baptism when they live in Utah. Doug and Jackie were so happy this weekend. It was so great. The only bad thing is Doug is a recruiter for the Air Force and he’s being transferred to Washington on Nov. 1. Jackie did say she would definitely look us up a year from now when they go to the temple since there is a chance that we’ll be home. That would be so neat to be there. 
 Do you have the new addition of the scriptures on there? I’m really curious to see the changes that are in the new scriptures. 
I’m happy Pouncer and your fish are doing well. 
I can’t believe it’s been six months already. It’s weird to think I’ll be home in a year. So the new medication didn’t work. Will you tell mom not to worry about my medication. The other day I got a very clear prompting that I’m not going to figure out this medication stuff while I’m out here. I’ve been eating a lot more fruit and veggie based meals and that seems to help keep me from feeling sick on my old medication. So I’ll just do that until I can get home and really figure it out. 
(I left that part in because I am so impressed and grateful that Jessica is listening to the Spirit in understanding the challenges of this crazy earth life). 
*final note on this post – I spent almost an hour updating and somehow lost it and had to start over – Jessica has been out for 6 months now, she is changing.  I love to receive even her short letters, I feel her love for us and more important, how her love of the gospel and for our Heavenly Father deepens and grows with each challenge and opportunity to share the joy and good news of the gospel.  I love her so much!!!