April 22, 2013

I’m doing alright. I’ve been kind of sick this week so that has been kind of annoying. It was just a random cough thing and luckily it’s going away. I couldn’t believe there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon. That made me so sad to hear about it. I didn’t know there was also one in Texas though. I’m glad everyone at home is doing well. I miss you guys a lot.

I would love a copy of  Mom and Dad’s whole conversion story. I know bits and pieces of it, but I don’t actually know the whole story.   I have found that Mom and Dad are my best teaching tool out here. Everyone thinks I’m a typical Utah missionary and are shocked to hear that my parents are really converts from California.

Also I met the family of  Elder Latu.   He’s serving in the Riverside mission. When I told his mom that was where Michelle lives she gave me a big hug. She was just excited that they might know him. It was really funny.

I’m finding that I really love reading in Joseph Smith History and the Doctrine and Covenants. I’ve always enjoyed the D&C, but I’ve really enjoyed reading about Joseph Smith. It’s almost like it has made everything a little bit easier. I’m just so impressed with Joseph’s humility and how he doesn’t hesitate to say he needed help from the Lord. It just makes me feel so much better when I read about him.
President Wilkey has me doing the 12 week training in 6 weeks so we don’t usually leave the apartment until 12 or 1.  After that we meet with different families or investigators until we come in at 9.  Since our area is so spread out we get a car.  The Saco area has both Elders and Sisters so we split the area in half.  We have Kennebunk Port, Arundel, Biddeford, Hollis and Dayton.  Biddeford is considered ‘the city’ but is’s very similar to Lehi with a lot more people smoking.  I really like it out here though.  It goes from thick trees to ocean.  Its windy (where isn’t it windy)  and there are wild turkeys.
Things are going really well out here. We met with a family last night,  the Baileys.  They have a daughter who is 12 and twin 6 year old boys.  They are very much 6 year old boys. When we walked in they told me my name was hard, started break dancing, then told us they loved all girls. They were really funny.
The members in the ward feed us a lot!  It is very sweet of them to do that.  I am keeping an eye out for a crazy t-shirt for Dad.  I had to ask Mom to start  looking around for a GPS for when I start training.  Without the mountains, I have no sense of direction    – I love you all – till next week. . .

April 8th/2013

Monday is now my favorite day – I wait anxiously for the one time I open my email and see Jessica’s name on the list.


Here is what she wrote today:

Thank you for the Dylan’s Candy! I love it so much!   (yes, her mother DID send her Easter candy).   That was really nice of you to do that for me.
This last week hasn’t been too bad. I’ve only had like 2 hardish days and even they haven’t been too hard. It has just been frustrating trying to contact people and putting our apartment together. I still don’t know what a normal missionary day is like. We share our area with a set of Elders. Elder Mitchell and Elder Vaughn. They’re both really nice.  Elder Vaughn  is the only one out of the four of us who was in Saco last transfer. He has been out here (6 weeks) longer than I have;  The members here are so nice.
I have found that when I study something about the Savior before I read in the Book of Mormon I learn so much more. Right now I’m working my way through the 4 gospels. Hopefully that will help bring me closer to the Spirit and guide me when we teach.
We’ve only taught one less active member so far but this week is going to be different. It just has to be.
I LOVED conference. We watched it at the church. I really like how Elder Bednar talked about the Law of Chastity. It was a much different take on it then I’ve heard before. I loved Sister Dalton’s, Elder Perry’s and Elder Holland’s talk. They all did such a wonderful job. I’m sad Sister Dalton was released. I really liked her.
I got an email from my friend Tyler this week. He’s the one from Orem that ran track. He gave me the pick me up I needed when I was feeling kind of down. All of your letters do that as well.  (M-Its amazing how much even our little thoughts can make a difference-thank you Tyler and all who have taken time to write or email Jessica)
I’m excited Michelle, Sawyer, and Tennyson are coming to visit. That will be so much fun. The trick with Sawyer is to let him come to you. If you do that he’ll be your best friend.  (M-such wise counsel)
I know Jessica is emailing and writing others of you – feel free to leave comments and thoughts – I would love to hear the rest of the comments.  She seems to share different things with each of us.
So, until next week…..