Jessica’s first email

So we leave on Monday, Our flight leaves at 7:15 from Salt Lake and we have a lay over in Detroit at 2:15.
The MTC hasn’t been too bad. It’s not my favorite place in the world, but for two weeks I can handle it. I just don’t like the food.
My teachers have been great though. They were Brother Reddish and Brother Lewis. They would each teach us in three hour segments during the day. They would just teach us how to teach using the fundamentals of the Gospel.
I have found that I am a terrible teacher. I have no idea how I am supposed to make a profession out of it one day. At least this is a different situation. I have gotten better as the days go on. I’ve gotten better at paying attention to the Spirit’s promptings on what to say. I would be the world’s worst teacher if the Spirit wasn’t helping me out.
We had a devotional on Tuesday. Scott Whiting and his wife spoke.  He spoke about how the Spirit can help us as we keep ourselves worthy of his presence. It was a really good talk.
On Sunday, we watched a previous talk that Elder Bednar had given while he was in the MTC.  He told us that we need to turn to others and serve them, instead of being selfish and only caring about ourselves.
I had to get a stinky tetanus shot yesterday. My arm is still sore.
I saw Hillary or Sister Brown and I made sure to take a picture with her before she left for Germany.
I met this little old man, who  I spoke with after getting my shot yesterday. He was so sweet. I cried when I talked to him and when I told my companion and roommates about him. Oh and Sister Rasmuson. She’s a Sister in my district that is so sweet. Last Saturday, I really felt down in the dumps, but we role played teaching the first vision. At first I struggled. I was shaky and I thought James 1:5 was really John 3:7. Don’t ask, I don’t know what I  was thinking. Anyway, once Sister Rasmuson helped me find the right scripture I moved on the to the part where Joseph Smith was praying. The Spirit was so strong and that was honestly when I got my answer about the Book of Mormon being true. We both ended up just being in tears when I finished. After that Sister Rasmuson and I have been great friends. I am going to miss her after the MTC. She’s going to Washington. Hopefully, through email, I’ll still be able to stay in touch with her.
Last night, I asked one of the Elders for a blessing. I asked Elder Whitehead, just all day, I felt like I needed to ask him for a blessing. Well, that ended up being the first blessing he had ever given. All the Elders were in the circle and Elder Whitehead gave me a beautiful blessing. He was SO nervous, but we were all so proud of him for doing such a great job.
In my personal study I’m reading the Book of Ether. Today, Sister Talbot and I were reading the end of Mosiah for companion study and we actually read the chapter when King Mosiah was translating the Book of Ether. I got really excited about it. I think she was getting a little weirded out, but whatever. I need to go read more of Ether though.
I love you and hope things are going well!
Jess or Sister Vanderhoef (that’s still weird)

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