Random (and unusual) Idea

So I actually don’t leave on my mission for another month and 13 days. Lately, I’ve been really struggling with things and stressing over the fact that I leave in a little over a month. Tonight, when I got home I was trying to think of something that will help me feel better about things. All of a sudden, I had the thought to work through some of the Personal Progress goals while I’m still here. I have recently been called to be a Beehive adviser (12-13 yr olds), and I think this will help me connect with the girls or maybe get them more excited about doing Personal Progress. I don’t know maybe not, but I know it will help me. Not that anyone is reading this, but from time to time I may post about what value I am working on or how things are going. I’m actually really excited to do this again! I really enjoyed Personal Progress when I was in young womens.


One thought on “Random (and unusual) Idea

  1. I love this blog! And I love that your a beehive teacher! I’m sure they love you even though you are only there a short time. Great job and yay personal progress is a great idea always!

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